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Thread: Didn't work on a single knife this weekend!!

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    Didn't work on a single knife this weekend!!

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    But I did spend some wonderful Father & Son time this Saturday! This is the first time we go duck hunting. My boy enjoyed it and cant wait till next year. It was cool watching him go after the downed birds. I hope they remember these days when they have kids of their own.

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    Good times!

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    Awesome bro! We need more young hunters! I can't wait to get my kids out, hopefully later this year...

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    That is the exact reason I taught hunter education for 10 years. There's nothing like hunting to bring family together. You are both lucky guys. Any extra duck breasts? LOL

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    Yeah, I remember when my Dad would take me duck hunting and have me jump out of the boat and swim out to retrieve the birds. He finally got a dog. Man, that water gets cold in January!

    Just kidding. There is nothing you could do that is more important than spending time with your son.
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