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Thread: Baryonyx Knives is as good as it gets!

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    Baryonyx Knives is as good as it gets!

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    I ordered a Condor Survivalcraft and the knife arrived two days later. The edge grind was absolutely perfect along with the rest of the fit and finish. The slip showing that it passed inspection was a great touch.

    On top of that his price still beat everyone else.

    Baryonyx locked in future business from me. Well done!

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    How is the Survival Craft? I've looked at it a few times, but haven't pulled the trigger. How about some pics, and a few first impressions?


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    Second on Baronyx. Ordered a Mora Companion and could not be happier. I ordered a couple of Mora knives at the same time, one from Baronyx and the other from a reputable ebay comapny. The one from Baronyx came first, and it is clear that Baronyx takes the inspection process seriously. From now on, if Baronyx carries it, that's where I will order it.

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    I agree. I ordered through Baryonyx back in December and it was a great transaction.

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    Thanks for the kind words, guys! I do what I love and would feel uncomfortable selling anything I wouldn't be happy to carry and use myself.

    Baryonyx Knife Co. ~Trusted specialists in high value, low cost knives and tools.

    "To live at all is miracle enough."
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