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Thread: Becker in Ukraine ?

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    Becker in Ukraine ?

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    I'm shipping these scales to the Ukraine. Note the liners in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. This guy is going to be the envy of his commrades as he struts around with his American knife and patriotic scales, while his buddies are running around weilding a soviet era spetsnaz shovel with sharpened edges.

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    Those are some nice scales and liners... But why you gotta hate on the Spetsnaz shovel?
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    Very nice looking.

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    love the shovel !

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    the ukraine produces some nice things

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bladite View Post
    the ukraine produces some nice things
    yea, like freedom from the Soviet Union

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    All Nations between the Germans and the Russians like Poland and the Ukraine I feel sorry for.

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    Yeah, might want to take it easy on the 'comrade' jokes.

    Tell your guy to send you some rakia (then send some to me).

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    Very nice,,, interesting color combination and not something you see everyday!

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    finaly something is shovel ready

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommythewho View Post
    finaly something is shovel ready
    That was funny!

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