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Thread: Lapis Lazuli Buck 110 pics

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    Lapis Lazuli Buck 110 pics

    Here are a few photos of the nickel silver Buck 110 Michael elegantly fitted with deep ocean blue Lapis Lazuli, from Afghanistan, slabs. I needed deep blue color and some iron pyrite flecks in order to realize my dream of perfect Lapis Lazuli in a perfect showcase. This is a dream in the flesh.


    I see it now and it looks like treasure to me. Rich stuff. What king left this with me?

    Thank you kindly Michael. You are all right.

    A small piece of raw Lapis Lazuli I bot a great many years ago, at the annual rock meet in Quartzite, with the 2010 enhanced Buck 110:

    Thank you for looking.

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    A few more pics for your amusement:

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    And a few more to boot:

    Thank you for looking.

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    Very nice! I have a similar one from Mike from slabs I brought home with me from OEF and another one David Yellowhorse did for me from another set of slabs.
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    Thank you for your kind words.

    I sure look forward to you posting a few pics of your two Lapis Lazuli knives.

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    Guess what? More pics!

    Thank you for looking.

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    THAT is a gorgeous knife. Well done!

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    Thank you for the kind words.

    I wonder how the Lapis Lazuli, with its natural gold-colored iron pyrite, would look with brass bolsters in the Buck 110 instead of nickel silver?

    Any such knives out there?

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    I sure do like the look of Lapis Lazuli on a big knife like the Buck 110. I don't remember ever doing one with brass bolsters.....

    Thanks for posting pictures of the knife - Are there any scratches on the blade from using it? Now those would be neat to see from my perspective as I like to see my works being carried or used as there are several kitchen sets out there that do get used.

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    You walk the earth like a giant, with a rock hammer, in my eyes.

    From my point of view you took an idea from my imagination, which had cooked very slowly for decades, and put it into my hand. Rare phenomenon. You never get what you want in an unequivocal way. So many compromises in a life. You were able to create an icon of beauty which won't see any use in my lifetime other than joy generation for myself. This is big fun and very useful to me. No box cutting.

    Buck is bringing back the large fixed blade, perhaps the best knife Buck ever made in the opinion of some aficianados, 124 Frontiersman. I think that it would look pretty darn sweet with a deep blue handle (or quartz with veins of real gold in it). Probably impossible to do in stone...

    Congratulations on the forum. You earned it.

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