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Thread: SR-1 and Lion Spy blades interchangeable?

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    SR-1 and Lion Spy blades interchangeable?

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    Can I put the blade from a LionSpy into a Lion Steel SR-1? I like the LionSpy except that it leaves out the SR-1's best feature; the monoframe construction. I would like to put the spyderhole blade from a LionSpy into the SR-1 frame (and vice versa) and then sell the 'leftover' knife. Can it be done?

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    more or less they have the same geometry... but I can not guarantee you that it works..

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    Can anybody confirm whether this swap will work? I agree with elkins45, but would like to confirm before I go buy a SR-1 to try this with as I already have a Lionspy user.

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    That would be a really cool project. Someone needs to let us know!

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