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Thread: USERS, Buck, CRKT, Wenger, Japan Made Frost

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    USERS, Buck, CRKT, Wenger, Japan Made Frost

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    Hello All, I've decided to cut down my collection and focus on knives with higher tolerances, materials and Ergos/features. My loss is your gain.

    I will sell to the first poster/emailer etc based on time stamp. By agreeing to buy these knives you are at least 18yrs old and are following local regulations.


    The shipping is included in the price and will be done via USPS Priority mail. Also please remember to rate the deal, thank you!


    1. Wenger Evolution - USED, the blade still has the factory edge, has been stropped. was on my keychain for ~6 months. great tool just found it too redundant when totin my wave as well. the scales have a decent amound of scratches. the rim feels like it has been sandblasted. doesnt look too bad. the tools havent been used all that much. tweezers and toothpick have been used for hang nails and cleaning out my fingertips. - $15

    2. No name mini Multi Tool - USED, really it just waiting for a tackle box. comes with a blade I ruined the HT on, a small scalloped saw, phillips, flathead/bottle opener and a small broken LED on the otherside. - $8, or free with purchase of $50+

    3. Buck Vantage Pro Large - $OLD

    4. CRKT SeaHawk - LNIB, edge looks factory with some scratches, has cut a couple apples. pocket clip is missing paint. right hand thumbstud is slightly dented. Lockup is at 50%. Blade leans to the left but does not rub liner. This is the ATS-34 model. No box - $30

    5. Frost Balisong - LNIB, edge looks factory, hasnt cut anything while under my usage, and the owner I bought it from did not say whether used or not, but I dont spot any rolls/dents. Made in Japan, I have flipped it a bit, but not drops. Latches closed firmly. Not in the open position. It does look like someone sandpaper'd the tang. THERE IS SLOP IN THE HANDLES, guy I bought it from did not specify and I didnt ask. but I like being up front with people. - $25

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