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Thread: First ZT

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    Got my first ZT (0350) the other day... I ordered an 0550 a few days later... I'm sure I'll carry between both for a long time, I do still keep my paramilitary 2 in my back pocket though.

    Out of all my knives, which includes some Spyderco's and an Emerson until recently, the ZT0350 came out of the box better than any other, I didn't have any blade play or blade centering issues, no loose screws, no adjusting the pivot.. it just came perfect, first knife I've had that has been that way. It's not the largest knife, but it feels like it'll hold up to anything and I'm not afraid to use it on heavier tasks.. plus it's fun to flip open and closed with the a/o.

    When I first saw a ZT knife (which was an 0550)... I thought the difference in the sides looked stupid, with one being Ti and the other G10.. but I guess it grew on me, because now I just think it looks sexy, and I can't wait to get it in my hands.. I used to think the same about Spyderco's though too.

    Definitely a new fan of ZT, getting my 0550 tomorrow if the tracking is correct, can't wait!

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    I want a 0350 but can't justify the purchase right now... I've been drooling over one for over a year now. Never been able to hold one in person... I think that's the only thing that is holding me back.

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    Yeah picking one up will defiantly seal the deal. That is how I ended up with this one.

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