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Thread: ECCK Show is approaching fast!

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    Thank you Rick, Rob, Mike, Pete & Rene!

    That was an awesome show especially when (on my birthday) you score in the lottery and bring one home.

    3/3 @3 o'clock

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    Awesome stuff, guys! I honestly appreciate all the sharing.
    Congrats on these scores and to the Hinderer Crew for a successful show.
    I hope to meet many of you at Blade in ATL.

    I love the tell-tale signs when new XMs are pictured next to your EDCs, can always tell the new ones, because the clip comes for tip-down carry....and many of us carry our knives tip-up.

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    Really hoping I can make it to Blade this year. Never been but I've had a great time at NYCKS and ECCKS, I can only imagine that Blade is even better. Maybe I'll get lucky in the lotto there.

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    Go West young man (Rick, Rob and the rest of the Hinderer crew) go west......Seattle, Portland.....Well I can dream can't I.

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    Wow, don't I feel stupid. I said hi to all the guys but never (re)mentioned my pseudo affiliation to this forum. Next time.

    Beanbag - "Comparison with my 18. The Edge Pro guys tuned up the edge while I was at the lottery." Just for your future reference that pic was of Mr. Clay Allison using his Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpener. Not trying to nit-pick but the Edge Pro is a different animal altogether.

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    Quote Originally Posted by strider214 View Post
    That pic was of Mr. Clay Allison using his Wicked Edge Precision Knife Sharpener.
    Thanks, I fixed it. Clay deserves credit for the awesome job he did on my blade. It is now beyond category sharp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Orlando View Post
    Just got home, and I feel like someone hit me with a slegehammer handle........Most smaller shows don't knock the hell out of me, but this one was Blade Show like! Busy start to finish, and damn near zero sleep!

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by the table, and of course a huge thank you for your participation in the lotteries and your business. I met quite a few new folks from here, but I absolutely suck at putting screen names and real names together, but thanks again.

    Jaxx and Trevor, it's always great to see you guys, 3 months we'll be doing it all again.

    Scott, you and Kim added one hell of a new dynamic to our gang, and I echo your sentiments. Good times ahead, rest assured...and lots of stories that will start with, "remember the time"! Most that we can only share amonst ourselves, like the blonde wig........We won't mention to anyone that Kim showed us cell phone pics of your fetish, not a word, swear.
    Rob! Man, it was a blast to catch you, Rick, and the gang a fair piece further north than usual! Yes, I and surely Trevor too, are looking forward seeing y'all at the Big Show once again in just a few ticktocks on the ol' wall calender...
    You guys have already started grinding knives for those lotteries...right???

    BTW... HAPPY 25th ANNIVERSARY of Rick Hinderer Knives!!!

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