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Thread: O1 tool steel for knives?

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    O1 tool steel for knives?

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    Hey guys, I'm going to be taking on a teacher for learning the art of knifemaking or bladecrafting, and I was wondering how 01 does as it's the steel he usually uses. Is it a good knife steel? I know it's used by shadow tech for handles, but I've never seen a factory made 01 blade.

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    Great steel and it's precision ground.

    Will make a great knife.

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    SFO by GEC: Bull Nose Work Knife with 01 Blade Steel. Sharpens easily, holds it's edge, hard worker.


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    its a great steel, but you do have to let it patena so it wont rust especially if its a edc'r. overall its one of my favorites to work with.

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    The first time I went to a hammer in and tried forging (any custom knife collector should give that a shot, just to more appreciate what they are collecting ) I "made" a knife from an 01 rod.

    It came out ugly, and I mean real ugly. Embarrassingly ugly. .

    Like Modoc Ed experienced, for me the steel is an excellent cutter and pretty tuff while holding an edge through a solid day of clearing ivy off of chain link fences. I assume based on my knife that it's performance is dependent upon the heat treat, but in my case, it must have been pretty "forgiving" as far as the range of heat that it needed to end up as a decent blade.

    I gave that well used knife to a friend when he got his ABS MS stamp a while back. It hangs in his shop.
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    Fantastic Steel, I have a nice bushcrafter from Sheffield in it and it holds and edge wonderfully through all the woodcarving I put it through

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    Some of my favorite blade steel is Blind Horse knives O1 it can take an absolutilly stunning edge as well as a very nice natural or forced patina.

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    O1 has been used since the 1940s at least. The Randall custom knives used O1. It is pretty tough for an alloy steel and it takes a fine edge. Some people like to do differential hardening on their O1 blades with a hard edge and a softer spine for toughness. I've heard it said that it is a little trickier to forge than simpler steels. It is still pretty stiff at temperatures where carbon steel would be easy to pound. There are a lot of things you can do with it. It is a classic.

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    The last several years Bill Moran was alive, the small 4 1/2 inch sheath knife he wore on his belt for edc, was one he forged out of O1. He thought it was good enough.


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    Does it rust? Will oxidation help if it does?

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    Yes it will rust on you.(it is a tool steel) But I really like it as a skinner, ( I think all the fat I get on it helps prevent some oxidation.) Also sharpens up nice!

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