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Thread: Favorite Quotes from non-knife people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Boss View Post
    A guy where I worked has an old Gerber knife that he found in the dirt when he moved into his house.. it's rusted, hardly opens, major blade play, and dull as hell.. he swears by Gerber though, thinks they're the best things in the world and high-end knives.
    I've shown him a couple of my knives, PM2, Emerson CQC-15, ZT0350... his usual response is, "..but I can buy 50 of these for the price of that one." ... makes me laugh.
    He also gets very pissed off and tells me that I "..need to do more research" when I tell him that Gerber doesn't make the high-end, top quality knives he believes they are.
    That's exactly how my friend felt when I told him that his K/O microtech was a K/O. He told me that it's heavy so it must be genuine.

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    "Anyone got a knife I can use?"

    Then, after letting them cut what ever item they could not cut without searching around for some one smart enough to carry a knife....

    "Why do you need to carry a knife, anyway?"

    To which I usually respond "Just so you could borrow it, and not be bothered to carry your own."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigfattyt View Post
    "Why do you need to carry a knife, anyway?"

    To which I usually respond "Just so you could borrow it, and not be bothered to carry your own."
    Quote of the day! I'm gonna have to steal that

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    One neighbor asked my wife whether she was afraid that I would knife her or shoot her...
    good grief, the ignorance is rampant.

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    There Are Very Few Really Good Gerber Knives Out There But Some Do Exist, But He's Not Going To Get One For $25 Or Less.

    Anyways... Some Of My Quotes...:
    1.) From A Guy Who Knows My Friend: "Holy S*** That's Sharp, I Can See The Edge Gleaming From Here, You Could Kill Someone With That! Why So Sharp?!" Uhhh... So It'll Cut Everything I Need It To Cut.. And No S*** It's Gleaming.. It's A Polished Edge, All Of My Knives Have It.

    2.) From My Sister At The Knife Shop: "No! Get The One With The Butterfly On It, Not The Spider, Butterflies Are Prettier And Better!" *Facepalm* I Was Like "Uh... I Was Planning To Get A Benchmade Because They Are Good Knives.. But Spydercos Are My Favorite.. And Not Because They're Not As Pretty As Butterflies.."

    3.) "What's The Point In Having So Many Knives? Don't You Only Need One To Cut Boxes With And Stuff?" NOO! I Have Multiple Knives Because I Like Having Variety And I Like Having Knives That Work For Multiple Ranges Of Uses.

    So... People Are Ignorant Sometimes. I Have Many More, But I'll Just Share These For Now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twl View Post
    The dumbest things anybody EVER said about knives are the lawmakers who said that automatics and balisongs and gravity knives should be illegal.
    And that you can only carry a knife that is shorter than some certain short length.

    They are the most slack-jawed, drooling, mouth-breathers on Earth, and they want to tell me what kind of knife I can have.
    This. Absolutely this. Waved knives and fixed blades are much quicker than automatic knives or balisongs. I don't understand what makes them any more "dangerous" than any other knife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stickinc1 View Post

    A true LOL.
    "I think, therefore I am."-Descartes

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    my favorite quote people say to me is when I show them my plain jane sebenza and tell them how much I paid for it. They always say " you paid that much for that THING". I just laugh and say yep and grin. Then they say "thats a gun that you could've bought" and I laugh and say "I can play with my knives in my house while watching tv and id love to see what happened if you played with a gun in your house". That usually shuts them up :P

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    My favorite quote is, "thanks for helping me....I really ought to get a knife of my own!"

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    <----- Not dangerous
    <----- Harbinger of Death
    <----- My face
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    Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, Service
    - Taylor

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    Quote Originally Posted by eaglescouter View Post
    <----- not dangerous
    <----- harbinger of death
    <----- my face

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    "the guy on tv said this knife never needed it's dull and I need to return it. "
    It was a Frost knife with 440c steel and the crappiest liner lock I ever seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxx View Post
    Next time I get questioned about "why do I have a knife" I'm going to use this. Don't worry, it's old, it's probably lost all it's carbon. It's like a magic spell, it will just confuse those that are already uninformed.
    How can the average person know any thruth about knives when there's a slew of misinformation, myth, and murder stories surrounding them? Each of us can try to be a good example of the knife community, but often it will be overshadowed by the next negative news story or prosecutor trying to win his case.

    Use it as an excuse with your spouse as to why you need to buy a new knife! "But honey--the knives I already have lost all their carbon!"

    Baryonyx Knife Co. ~Trusted specialists in high value, low cost knives and tools.

    "To live at all is miracle enough."
    — Mervyn Peake

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    I've gotten most of the questions that people here have already posted so I thought i'd share a little story.

    My friend got married last summer and had just moved into a new home with his wife and baby. They held the wedding reception at his home where we had a big barbecue with family and friends. They grilled everyone delicious steaks but since they had yet to unpack, we were left with paper plates and plastic cutlery. Of the 30 or so people who who could make it, i'd say about 20 were in the 40-60 year old age range.

    Not one of these people had a knife and just watching them try and saw through their steaks while my mcusta slid effortlessly through the juicy meat was reason enough for nobody to ask the typical question; 'why do you need that?'

    For once I think they (NKP) got it. Now had I busted out my manix 2 I may have gotten some looks

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    While cleaning my stockman after using it to slice up an apple:

    "do you use that to cut people?"

    "no, I use it to cut apples"

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    You hear all kinds of nonsense from people who don't carry a knife even though they should.

    "Why do you need a knife?"
    "Why do you carry a knife?"
    "Why do you carry such a sharp knife?"
    "What do you need a knife for?"
    "What do you need such a sharp knife for?"
    "Why is your knife so sharp?"
    "Do you want to stab someone?"
    "Have you ever stabbed somone?"
    "Are you going to stab me?"
    "Aren't you afraid you're going to cut yourself?"
    "Aren't you afraid that you'll get arrested for carrying a knife?"
    "Is that illegal?"
    "What do you use that for?"

    My favorite serve all response to any of these...

    "Why do you ask stupid questions?"

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    first the "why do you carry that thing?" there follows a little talk about what i need it for and hobby stuff (the thing they best understand".)

    after a while, the belated "it's beautiful."

    when the conversation turns dry, i usually get cheeky.

    "just in case i want to stab someone."
    "someone's been meddling too much in my affairs."
    "a warrior has to familiarize himself with his weapons."
    "been testing some new carry and draw techniques i learned."

    no, they don't call the cops. they see i usually leave my weapons with the entrance guards, or in my car.

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    "Samurai swords never need sharpening"

    A: Can I borrow your knife?
    B: What do you need to cut?
    A: "I need to open my beer..."

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    My wife asks, "How many knives do you have?"
    I smile and answer, "I don't know."


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonnydaze View Post
    One neighbor asked my wife whether she was afraid that I would knife her or shoot her...
    good grief, the ignorance is rampant.
    Anyone asking my wife that question would find out she was more likely to knife someone than I was.

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