I'm giving a free piece of snody gear away to the person who makes a youtube video saying why they desserve it the most. this should be exciting. you have until march 31st to submit your video to this forum, and we will vote on who is the most creative funny and has the best reason. In the video you must also guess what you think the piece is going to be and also what you hope its going to be and you have to do this part in your best british accent impression no bs

this piece of gear may be a knife or it may be some ghettio gear, it may be something from the past or something you have never seen before.

the prize will be better if the entries themselves are better.

Go tell all your friends sign them up and bring them here and tell them to post a video that is no longer than 2 minutes explaining why they desserve to win and what they would do with it to with it if they did win...then they have to have to get as many people as they can to watch the video

the criteria will be as followoed
amount of viewsk
references to current events
no brownie points save the ass kissing for your girlfriend
Proximity of guess of the prize
wow factor
#hot girls dancing in the background
freshness of original songs
hot dance moves

i'm gonna leave this country if their are no good entries i hope there are MANY.

good luck and may the best man or woman win

tell your friends to tell their friends!