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Thread: If you could give your ancestors 100$ of tools what would you gift?

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    If you could give your ancestors 100$ of tools what would you gift?

    Hi guys,
    If you could buy 100 $ worth of tools/weapons/ from modern times and go back in the time machine 3000 years or more, What would your one time gift to your great great grandfather ?
    Be a good grandson
    Was just watching a stone age documentary :

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    My great great grandfather was not alive 3000 years ago. Was yours?

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    Now If I could have given my Great Great Grandfather a $100 of value then.....

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    Perhaps some pennecillin and the recipe to make more? Antibiotics are, IMHO, one of mankind's greatest achievements.

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    the penicillin would be nice.

    i couldn't guess how many times I've been to some primitive gathering where someone didn't say something to the effect of, "i would have liked/should have been born 100/200/1,000/10,000 years ago." for me it might be fun to visit, but i like being alive today. antibiotics are a life and limb saver, literally.

    not sure there's anything i could give my ancestors 3000 years ago that would change a lot, maybe a knowledge of germs and a book on the history of the world for the last 3000 years, not sure how long it would take to teach one of them to read it tho. maybe a few recipes or formulas, black powder or nitro.

    i don't think a modern knife would change anything unless you provided the knowledge to make it also.

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    I'd buy Bic lighters, modern hybrid seeds, 2 stainless Moras and a Fiskars ax.

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    I would give them a pictorial instruction booklet about how to make soap.


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    I wouldn't give them anything. Interacting with them would cause an offshoot of the alpha timeline--either that or whatever I gave them would make no difference since it would be fulfilling a stable time loop.

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    A book with all the winning powerball numbers and instructions to leave this book to his great great grandson, me.

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