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Thread: Boker Plus Mini Bo-Kri...WHOA!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10thMtn View Post
    which one I'm going to settle for when I'm ready to get 20 of them for shows and events.
    For shows, people usually go for bigger knives, on account of them being more flashy and visible to the audience!

    Quote Originally Posted by 10thMtn View Post
    I'll tell you this -- were it not for John Bailey, I wouldn't be throwing right now.
    Same goes for me. I met with John Bailey in Solingen late in the last millenium (sorry, report in German only), and he really got me going on throwing and on my site.

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    KnifeThrowing, how much bigger? Most of what I throw is in this 10" category. For this speed demonstration I'm working on, I don't think I could do much longer or heavier. But who knows...if I must, I must. I was also thinking about putting colorful grips on the handles so people could see them better.

    I read that you met John on your site. I'd love to read the report. When you get it translated, let me know! I speak a little German -- Austrian dialect though. Vienna just happens to be my favorite city in the world.

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