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Thread: Inherited my fathers Don Lozier show knife and have questions

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    Inherited my fathers Don Lozier show knife and have questions

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    Hello all, im sorry if i am doing this wrong or posting in the wrong place or whatever. My father was an avid knife collector for years. He had one Don Lozier knife that i always loved and he willed it to me. It is an absolutley perfect i think maybe called"bowie?" knife. never used, never sharpened. it says Don Lozier handmade purist, and the art work inlay is signed by j.warinsky(spelled wrong im sure). I know that Don made this to my fathers exact specs about 15 years ago and Don also had a perfect custom sheath made for the knife. The knife has been on display in a glass cabinet for years. My father let slip once that he could have bought a nice car for the cost of having it made and i know the sheath was around 2k. I had never planned on selling it, but cash is needed. HOW DO I GET THIS CUSTOM KNIFE APPRAISED? HOW DO I SELL IT? Stupid questions im sure for people in "the know" but im not one of them!! any advise is appreciated. I cant even figure out how to post a pic!!!
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    Can you post a picture? Some people here could give you a general sense of the value of your knife, but not without detailed pics.

    Knives that are worth the price of a car are few and far between. It's not impossible, but you should keep your expectations in check.

    With this said, appraising a knife is nearly impossible because knives are not standardized. There are knife dealers that will take a knife and sell it for the owner, and take a commission. You need to be willing to entrust the knife to the dealer and trust them to do their best. There are plenty of trustworthy dealers. Personally, I have had good experience with .
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    I am very interested in seeing pics of this, but do know that selling knives on here is a priveledge for paying members, and often times registered users aren't allowed to ask for values either. Julie W. Is one of the best in the field for engraving, and that doesn't come cheap, so you really have a heirloom quality piece. Best of luck and sorry for your loss.


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