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Thread: Rosarms trip to IWA 2012 show, Germany, Nurenberg

  1. Rosarms trip to IWA 2012 show, Germany, Nurenberg

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    Hello everybody!

    I just want to share our experience and a few pictures from our trip to IWA 2012 show.

    Rosarms had a small booth with a few tables and Custom knives display.

    Russian knives are very popular in Europe so we brought a lot of custom knives made in Zlatoust traditions.

    Here is a full Hunting Set - Knives, axe and shots

    Zlatoust always been famous for a very unique metal art, so we had a few samples there also:

    All working knives we decided to present in "USA knife-shows style" freely accessible for visitors to pick up.

    All our best-sellers were presented on a sepparate table. The most popular model was a "Baby - survival knife" (here more details:

    IWA show is always located in Nuremberg, Germany. There is a huge exhibition center - Nuremberg Messe and of course all hotels are crazily expensive!
    We decided to go different way this time and used motor home! Not everybody knows but you can park RV at the camping side within walking distance from the show (5 min walking)

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  2. Other knifemakers...

    There are a lot of interesting knife makers from all over the World presented at IWA show!

    Our neighbor was a Japanese knife maker with unique custom knives. Some of his knives were hardened to 67Rc and some of them to 64Rc with very reliable edge!
    He was doing some demonstrations on a piece of bamboo...

    Great knives but very expensive to my taste... Folders were selling for around $4000.

    A lot of Russian companies were presented at IWA 2012.
    For example Kizlyar knives:

    Or their daughter-company Northern Crown (custom Kizlyar knives):

    And our biggest competitor in Russia - A&R:

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