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Thread: Schrade USA uncle Henry 171UH: did they all have serial numbers?

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    Schrade USA uncle Henry 171UH: did they all have serial numbers?

    Found a Pro Hunter UH 171 for auction, but seller states it is stamped USA, but does not have a serial number? I thot all USA UH's had a serial number, but the newer (China) Schrades were not marked USA and also no longer are serial numbered?

    Or did they stop serial numbering before the company closed?

    Any help is appreciated!

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    There were two production runs. The first production knives were serialized. I don't believe the second production knives were. I would need to see detailed pictures to know what production the subject knife is.

    171UH Uncle Henry Pro Hunter
    History Research

    The Schrade Uncle Henry 171UH Pro Hunter is a classic, though fairly rare pattern, and one of the larger Schrade fixed blade knives. The 171UH was first introduced in the 1971 catalog and was produced for thirteen years, being discontinued after the 1983 catalog year. It was manufactured for an additional two years in 1990 thru 1991 before being discontinued again.

    During the first production run, it was made with the SCHRADE-WALDEN tang stamp for two and a half years before the name changed to Schrade Cutlery and the tang stamp SCHRADE. This tang stamp was used for the remainder of the first run, and also during the brief two year reintroduction. In the 1971 catalog it was referred to as the "BIG PRO HUNTER" (The name later changed to "PRO HUNTER"), and sold for $25.00. It remained $25.00 through 1972, and in the Schrade Walden catalog in early '73, then was listed at $26.50 in the midyear Schrade Cutlery catalog. 1974-'76 the price was $30.00, then $40.00 for 1977 thru 1979. In 1980 it listed for $42.95, $44.95 in 1981, and finally $49.95 in 1982-'83. It sold for $79.95 in 1990 when reintroduced and the final price in 1991 was still $79.95. Limited editions and commemorative of this knife were produced.

    The first 171UH's when introduced in 1971 had an aluminum or nickle silver birds head pommel. Not long after the introduction, the birds head pommel was dropped and it had the squared brass pommel. The 1990-'91 issues had a blade etch "Schrade" over "Super Sharp". Some were serialized on the front of the pile side guard. Serial numbers I have seen so far were #13843 - #95259, though this is by no means a complete survey of the numbers issued. This pattern is a hidden tang Staglon handled knife with a brass pommel cap on the later issues, having a mounting screw much like the 153UH Golden Spike. I have not disassembled a 171UH, but on the 153UH the screw threads into a cylindrical bushing in the tang.
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