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Thread: What Kershaw is your EDC?

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    ZT0350 for me.

    Just bought one of leek_freaks 0550s.

    Can't wait to get it in my rotation!

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    Kershaw Talon, awesome little knife.

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    Oakland, MI
    My Tilt gets some pocket time also, I need to find a different clip though.

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    Sep 2008

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    South East Nebraska
    Blur mostly, Also skyline. I need a knockout and a Cryo

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    old red blur, partial serrations, Got a torsion bar, belt clip, some screws and a K tool from Kershaw and fixed her all up. been using it most of the time for over 7 years, starting to ear out the black grippie stuff in the handle.

    If Kershaw would make this knife in a "super size" I would love one, A 4 inch blade with an inch of Kershaw's fine round tooth serrations and assisted opening, and maybe add a flipper on this. Don't jaz it all up and go st with cause this thing is gonna work everyday, heck I would buy 2.

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    I am in NYC most of the time so its DEEP carry edc Leek. and Hinderer Investigator pen.

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    right now its the zt0300 i got today. ill flip between that and the 0350 depending on the situation

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    Nor Cal
    skyline here.
    I thought it would be more common - guess it's time to give in to peer pressure and get the 561

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    ZT 0350 or ZT 0560 (as of today) and I usually have a skyline with me as well, in a pocket organizer.

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    Skyline, S30V Blur, Shallot are in the rotation
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    Depends on my planned activities, and what pants i'm wearing. Regardless, either a compound (best "budget" knife i've ever held/seen/used) or a wild wild turkey.

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    Depends on my mood and the activities planned for the day. I have more blades than I could possibly wear out in a life time but I keep going back to my Needs Work more often than not. Inexpensive? Yes, but Kershaw and Ken Onion is a winning combination of quality and art.

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    Pardon the tangent, but in regards to Kershaw, the lines between cost and quality are blurred. For the longest time, I thought you got what you paid for, in regards to knife quality. There were no cutting corners (figuratively speaking). Then I wrapped my hands around a compound. This knife that I had spent $20 on outperformed any knife I had foolishly spent three times that on. Spring-assist, and a blade that had actually been sharpened as opposed to laser cut, all for less than the price of a movie and popcorn? I was hooked. I fully expect all of my Kershaws to outlast me, since they're definitely built better than I am!

    Granted, I've moved up in the ranks from a Compound, but I still carry it occasionally, and it suits me just fine. I'm looking forward to updating my collection soon!

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    British Columbia Canada
    kershaw comp

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    The new is open the old is folded, totally liking the composite leek. The shape and D2 allows me to sharpen her up like a razor. The design is also a total win and unique imo. The steel handles also add a more refined feel. Just a perfect edc all around.


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    My edc is the Leek! What else is there!!

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    I carry a black kershaw leak in my bag when I go to work. Its my go to "get dirty" knife. My boss gives you 4 things when you start out at his company. A snap on crescent wrench, a snap on auto punch, a streamlight stylus, (micro or pro), and a kershaw leek. Not really a hard use knife but... I have seen what the leeks are capable of and it is kinda insane. A lot of the hands call them "assisted folding gasket scrapers." If you could see what some of the leeks have been through the kershaw fans would probably cringe....

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    I come from a land in a far away place...
    Dis bad boy

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    I am pretty happy to see so many folks with a Leek. I switched from the spyderco persistence because the leek was so slim in form factor. i dont live in the woods or anything like that. The Leek has been a great edc so far in the urban jungle of nyc. I do not consider it a defense weapon. too slippery for that. Somewhere on my edc i do have a hidden cold steel urban pal for a last resort life and death close quarters defender.

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