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Thread: What can you tell me about this SAK kit? Valuable? Rare? Collectible?

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    What can you tell me about this SAK kit? Valuable? Rare? Collectible?

    Hey SAK peoples! I've owned this little SAK kit since 1999. I purchased it from a store while visiting Lebanon and can't say I've ever seen a kit like it before, in that it included the ruler/thermometer/compass/magnifier combo, sheath, and mini-mag light.

    Do any of you know anything about this kit or the knife in the kit? It looks like a pretty normal Victornox offering, except that I haven't seen many SAK's with a ball-point pen insert...what's up with that? I'm no expert on SAK's so I'd love to hear your thoughts...also if I were to list this kit for sale, what would you say is a fair price?

    Not trying to break any forum-rules in asking about price, but I wanted to get some information before listing it for sale (if that's what I decide to do)

    Thanks for your help!


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    Your SAK is either a Huntsman or Fieldmaster, depending on whether there is a corkscrew or Phillips on the back. The ballpoint pen comes in the "plus" version of scales, and is pretty common (standard on Compact, Yeoman, Swisschamp). You can get a feel for the value of the SAK by looking at prices for a Huntsman. The sheath kit is not very common, but is not extremely valuable, in my opinion. Maybe, extra $15-20 or so.

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