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    Well I guess I have to change directions in my life after being diagnosed with cancer last year and going through the chemo, radiation and 12 1/2 hours of surgery trying to beat it. So far so good. After the pathology report came back and a lung biopsy I was told that the spot on my lung was caused from metal dust so my days of grinding blades are over. Turning my energy that I have left into scrimshawing. So....If anyone would like any scrimshaw work done on any knives or what ever send me a PM or email and we can discuss it. Some people like scrim and some don"t but I sure enjoy doing it. Anyway shown are some photos of some of my work. If anyone has any questions just ask. Thanks for taking a look

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    nice work Ray
    Jack ONeill
    To view past work , go to photobucket

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    Thanks Mr.ONeill....Much appreciated.

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