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Thread: New Pics and a couple available

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    New Pics and a couple available

    Some new stuff off the bench and off to the customers.

    A very nice custom Busse Team Gemini, sheath has a mottle pattern dye with line work. I love this knife!

    Crocodile overlay for a Swamp Rat RatManDu. Croc is the second most difficult exotic to work with, tough stuff!

    Two sheaths for the Custom Shop RatManDu Bowie, both machine stitched, the first one has a medium brown mottling and the second is a dark brown fade. Both are homeless, let me know if anyone is interested. 65.00 each plus shipping

    More to come soon! Thanks for looking!

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    I really like how you sort of drew the blade onto the sheath on the Team Gemini. Never mentioned it to you. I like it a lot!

    That dark brown fade is really awesome, too. Looks like a lightning bolt softly illuminating the area around it... but in brown!

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