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Thread: A dead deer, several frogs and toads eggs, and the Gerber BG Ultimate Survival

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    A dead deer, several frogs and toads eggs, and the Gerber BG Ultimate Survival

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    Yes, I need to confess, Im a big fan of the BG show (yes, I know, Im guilty). Im also a big fan of JD tests here on BB, and I really appreciate his review of the Gerber BG Survival Ultimate knife, so I want to try something similar here in Italy.
    Im today not in some remote part of the world, not in Costa Rica, not in Vietnam or so on, anyway Im next to a river

    Ok, maybe its not a (so) wild area

    but its a humid area, especially after two entire rainy days

    And here, just next to the river, we found the skeleton of a deer. I guess it was died by drawingbut there is nothing to eat for me

    Look at those teeth, are like a saw, really sharp to cut grass and similar efficiently

    Due to the teeth number and condition, it was an adult specimen, but young

    My knife today

    Its breedings time, both for frogs

    and toads

    My watch today

    A source of proteins

    Lets to continue along the river

    to be continued

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    It’s time to try the BG Ultimate Survival knife, my first trial is some lateral strength on the blade

    No bad, I may turn away some big bite of wood without issues

    Now some accuracy work, a trigger, like the one Bear used on the Red Rock Country episode

    No bad at all, its’ possible to drive the knife where needed, using the thumb to push the blade

    Now, I want to make a spear. First of all some light chopping to obtain the shaft

    the knife perform surprisingly well, the blade it’s not only razor sharp, but also a bit heavier than the handle, and this help a lot

    let’s build the spear, I want the same Bear used on Malaysian Archipelago episode

    Now some trials, I throw several times the spear on this log

    Again, well done Gerber, the knife perform well also as an improvised spear, I was especially afraid about the point, but not problem. The handle is thick enough to make difficult someway wrapping it inside the shaft, anyway at the end of the throwing the connection between knife and shaft it’s robust as at the beginning.

    I’ll continue my test on the Gerber BG, at the moment anyway I’m happy about this knife, it’s not a toy, its’ a good blade. The handle is comfortable and well rounded, the blade it’s razor sharp and robust, the sheath it’s light and safe. I, as many, don’t like the serration, but I need to say that it’s not a disadvantage using the knife, and probably it will be a plus cutting cardboard, ropes, plastic ecc.
    Regards, ciao

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    So did the spear point actually accidentally land in the crush stone and still survive? Thats basically what kills a spear, sticking it in wood is okay. Thanks for the review, not my cup of tea, but a good demonstration that the knife itself is secondary to the user who makes the tool operate.

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    great pictures. you have a beautiful spot to play there.
    It's touchier than a Vatican summer camp in here-Expatriated
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    great pics , am looking at that BG survival knife myself , looks like a decent blade

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    Really great photos! I think the testing of these knives, which appear to be mostly for light-duty television show fan use, is very interesting. What if Gerber decided to take a highly-marketable product and actually make it quality?

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    Again here. I planned 3 entire days outdoor, walking free and testing my Gerber BG…but we had almost 2 rainy days, so I had finally just few times to go outdoor. Anyway.
    We leave our town

    Our trekking place for today

    One hour hiking and we reach the top of the first mountain

    Beautiful view from here

    A lot of woodpeckers here

    My watch today

    The track

    Most of the time we walk under impressive rocks

    Time to lunch, and sharpening my Gerber BG

    The steel used for the BG Ultimate Survival hold an edge not so well, anyway the sharpener included in the sheath works fairly good.

    Weather is not sunny, anyway some colors are presents

    Finally we reach this kind of covers (named “Covoli”), it was used since 9000 b.C. as a repair for humans and animals

    Today it’s still cold, guys

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    The valley from here

    The mountain we walked through

    We reached the valley after 6 hours walking

    Ok let’s go to business, as BG in the Vietnam episode, I want to build a bamboo fishing spear

    As you know, bamboo it’s a really hard wood. The BG Survival perform enough well chopping it.

    Now the spear building

    No fishes here, so I’m forced to spear just a sand fish :-)

    To be honest, I need to say that the SAK’s saw cut the bamboo better than the BG knife, in fact better than any knife

    Anyway, and again, the BG Ultimate Survival performed fairly well, and my feeling is that it’s a good all-around knife. Unfortunately I had no time to split logs (hitting the knife whit a stone :-), to do feather sticks, to organize a fire, to do traps ecc. so my test is incomplete. I’ll do it in future.
    Ciao, Alfredo

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    Italy is a beautiful place! If I couldn't live in the usa I would live there. I miss the more laid back lifestyle they have.

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    Very nice pictures and good knives also.

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    nice pics thanks for sharing.

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    Nice thread. Looks like you folks had a great time! I also own this knife but have not made time to use it yet.

    Added: Which model of SAC is that you are using?

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    Nice country and landscape there in good ol' Italy. I think, I have to travel across the alps and spend some days there...

    Kind regards

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    Very nice landscape! I have a Bear Grylls knife and really like it too. I may also buy one of the non-serrated versions as well. I also have the parang machete and the fire kit. All that stuff has been good quality. I am very pleased with all of it. Thanks for sharing the awesome pictures.

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    Neat trip sequence. I saw that JD review too. Seems to accord with what I expected that knife to be on it's first trial. Looks like they fixed up the problems rather well. I see he looked on the small one quite favorably too.

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    nice pics! i'm jealous of that bamboo - all we have here are the small ones - max 1" diameter.
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    Thanks to all of you!
    @ChapmanPreferred: my SAK is the Ranger model

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