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Thread: NJ knife laws.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Szilard View Post
    Advice is this thread has been on point so far. The best advice you can take to heart is to never, ever give police a reason to even find the knife on you in the first place. Forget the law, and forget what you feel about your rights - if the police discretion leans in the wrong direction, you WILL be arrested no matter what. It doesn't matter if they use a disorderly persons or simply make something up. Having a knife will just be an easy excuse for them to very easily arrest you regardless of the knife. You probably won't be convicted but it'll cost you some time, plus a lawyer, plus the cost of an expungement of arrest records. Don't be dumb and they shouldn't even know you are ever carrying anything.
    yea but some cops will discriminate, "your young and all young people are bad, search him"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pug-butter View Post
    I live in Bergen County.

    Typical definitions of a "weapon"—daggers, dirks, ballistic knives, switchblades, assisted openers—are flat-out illegal.
    I'm not sure that is true about assisted openers. I bought an assisted opener at a Dick's Sporting Goods in NJ. If assisted openers are flat-out illegal, why would a place like Dick's Sporting Goods be selling them in NJ?

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    In nj assisted opening knives are fine, autos are not unless you are LEO, or private security. Though you may come across an officer who considers an assisted as an auto or doesn't know the actual law and thinks that both are illegal and will give you a rash of crap.
    I'm not a complete idiot, I am pretty sure some parts are missing...

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