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Thread: Cold Steel Pendleton/Outdoorsman/Tanto Lite in custom carbon fiber/OD/black

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    Cold Steel Pendleton/Outdoorsman/Tanto Lite in custom carbon fiber/OD/black

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    Knives are Outdoorsman Lites Carbon fiber pattern Holstex and Pendleton Lites. Please contact via PM for availability. Prices include knives

    I spend a lot of time fitting each sheath to its specific knife and making sure the package functions smoothly. Each knife satisfies a list of criteria to make it as reliable, accesible, and concealable as possible.

    The design is inspired by an RCS Drawpoint Rig by Mike Sastre. I credit any positive results of my attempts to his Kitchen Kydex instructional DVD and his personal tips and advice. These minimalist sheaths are above the norm for hobbyist or while-you-wait kydex work.

    As far as function, you cannot shake the knife out upside down, but once the retention is overcome the knife draws free and smooth. There is no rattle and the draw marks are not worth mention. All of this accomplished without sacrificing hardly any of the grip area, allowing quick access. I never recommend carry of any setup to be inverted but these could.

    Attachment method is a Spyderco G-clip which can be attached vertical, horizontal, or at a 45 deg. This clip is great because you can thread a belt through it or clip on to sweats or waistlines with no belt and not have to leave your fixed knife behind!

    Outdoorsman Lite

    Total weight 7oz!

    Cost $95 Shipped CONUS with knife, g-clip, and sheath

    Material is .093" thickness holstex thermoplastic

    Tanto Lite

    $99 Shipped Price includes, knife, sheath, G-clip, and shipping $99 Shipped

    Pendleton Lite

    5 oz total weight!

    Material is .093" thickness Kydex thermoplastic.

    $69 Cost for knife, sheath, and G-clip and CONUS shipping $69.

    Carbon Fiber holstex .093" thickness

    $75 shipped with knife, G-clip, and sheath

    Know your local laws and regulations. Must be 18. Trade offers welcome. Any questions or comments please PM or post here. Thanks for looking!
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    Those are some really great sheaths!! Good Job Bro!

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    awesome! wish i could get one.... I love my lite hunter, best $10 ive ever spent

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    Thanks guys! Open to trades as well.

    Added some Tantos
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    Super setup. PM sent.

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    Love the sheaths. How much for just the sheath? I have a Tanto Lite and I HATE the pouch that the knife came with.

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    how do i buy this sheath??

    i really love this solution for my tanto how do i order one??

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