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Thread: New Ink today. Share your tattoo's.

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    New Ink today. Share your tattoo's.

    A few weeks ago I got child supports attorney and the legal aid office both to sign off on my custody case. California hates dads so as a reminder of this achievement I had my artist do a koi-dragon.

    iPhone pic but Im still super happy with it.

    Next Saturday is autism day at the shop 40$ tattoo's and every cent go's to charity so I'll have something else soon.

    Feel free to post pic's of your artwork.

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    Cricket chirp*

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    All my tats are over 20yrs old & not very photogenic.

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    I've a few friends who have had theirs forever. I'm planning on 2 full sleeves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobthemotorcycle View Post
    Tattoos are so yesterday.

    As a young man I remember tattoos were only on sailors and criminals then Motley Crue came along and every pretty boy from LA to NYC went out and brought themselves one. Everybody and their dog has one now days so it’s really nothing special. I would like to see somebody without a tattoo, now that would be different.

    That's just The thing I'm very happy that they are so socially accepted now.

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    Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry

    Great documentary.

    Might be on Netflix by now...

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    Where is the shop doing $40 tats? If its local...I'm in need of some Celtic ink on my other arm. (Just a custom Celtic cross on my right arm as of now)
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1SHOT1KILL View Post
    Where is the shop doing $40 tats? If its local...I'm in need of some Celtic ink on my other arm. (Just a custom Celtic cross on my right arm as of now)
    It's damaged lifestyle in downtown Vacaville. They're just gonna have a sheet with different designs to choose from no individual artwork.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADD View Post
    Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry

    Great documentary.

    Might be on Netflix by now...
    I'll deffinatly watch it.

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    Let's see...

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    Right on Charlie.

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    Well, I have port and starboard stars on the back of each calf. I won't get any of my tattoos or piercings that show when wearing respectable clothing.


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    I agree. I'm not going past the wrist long sleeves will be able to cover mine.

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    Thank got you didn't get a strider pos knife. Nice tats everyone. Can't wait to get more myself.

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    The first of many...

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    See avatar...

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    This one would be cool. Post pictures when you have it done.

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    Ummmm no

    I'm in the process of sleeving my left arm with an animal for each family member close to me.

    Up next are

    Mom - crazy owl
    Sister 1 - Tim burton style humming bird
    Sister 2 - has not chosen a animal yet
    Brother - moose of yet undecided art style.

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    Owl tattoo left forearm.

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    This one bit me pretty good!!!

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