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Thread: Turley knife pictures 2

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    Thumbs up Turley knife pictures 2

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    The old thread was a killer waiting for all that to load so I thought I'd start a new one.
    From the last batch.

    Parang with natural linen micarta scales and 1/4" brown g10 pins

    War hawk with earth/coyote scales and 1/8" o.d. canvas spacers

    War hawk with natural canvas scales

    War hawk with caramel linen micarta scales

    Green river with o.d. linen scales and thin white spacers

    Mini dogwood with o.d g10 scales, 1/8" white g10 spacers and 1/4" white g10 pins

    Thanks for looking.

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    The handle on this Gasconade is the best.

    Parang is one awesome chopping beast.

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    Great pics, Jason. Thanks for posting them.

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    There are not nearly enough pictures of Iz's knives on this sight!!

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    Hello? Anyone here? Hmmmmmm, let's kick start this thing:

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