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Thread: Knifemakers - Please support this website with a Knifemaker's Membership

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    Knifemakers - Please support this website with a Knifemaker's Membership

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    Guys, I hate that I need to say this, but browsing through the various threads, I'm seeing more than a few knifemakers who are posting pictures of their work, and yet they do not have paid subscriptions here.

    This site is kept open through paid memberships. If you are going to advertise items that you've made, please do the right thing and purchase the correct level of membership. You can purchase a membership by clicking here or by going to Settings (top right) and then clicking Paid Subscriptions. Knifemaker's memberships are only $60 a year, and you get to advertise your wares for sale in the Knifemaker's area of the Exchange.

    Do the right thing. If you can afford a table at Blade, purchase a membership if you are going to be displaying the items you have available. Help keep the site open.
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    Dun Did. Thanks for keeping Bladeforums alive

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