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Thread: ZT0350TS Tiger Stripe

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    ZT0350TS Tiger Stripe

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    --Just received our first shipment of the ZT0350TS. This is the smaller and easier to carry baby-brother of the ZT0300 series with Black-G10 handles and a Black/Gray Tiger Striped S30V plain edge blade. Handsome looking knife.
    Search ZT0350TS on our website to get there quickly. 148.00 shipped.

    --Also received a few ZT0560 These Elmax Plain Edge....

    --Also received a few ZT0561 Elmax plain edge in Earth Brown...BUT...I have a waiting list and these are currently committed to folks that contacted us previously. If we have open stock available, I will add them to the site.

    --Pics not up yet, but are on the site now.

    Have a safe and happy weekend....
    Regards, Mike
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    Thanks for the 0560, excellent customer service and great conversation, Mike. I'm so very glad that I was finally able to get one and even more so because it was through you guys. Just got the Military that I ordered from you on Wednesday, so it will tide me over until the 0560 arrives.

    Keep up the great work!!
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    Order placed! Looks like I'll be stalking the mail carrier next week.

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