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Thread: A question on a couple of Bucks. / Photos added

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    The raised rivet problem seems to be consistent on the black valox handled 300s. I have not heard of any one mention this on the yellow or dymondwood models. As it is, it's just cosmetic. I have carried my black 309 for months without any problem.

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    Great info from you folks as usual.

    Put me down for one of those Wharnies.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Groove View Post
    I ordered a 303 and I'm returning it, the rivet wasn't finished properly and it's sharp. My yellow comfortcraft 309 is quickly becoming my EDC though, I think I like it's size better than the 303. I'm not bashing Buck here, I love their knives but I finally managed to get a dud. Love the 309!

    I kinda stirred up a hornets nest about that subject, some time back. I too really like Buck knives, but having pins that show, has always been a pet peeve of mine.
    The pins on my knife are flush, but they still show. It doesn't hurt anything though. I'm happy enough with the Buck slip joints, that I have worked past the small issue though.
    Always seemed odd that other manufactureres finish their knives with no "pin show" , but the Bucks do. Pin show is not my term, I picked that one up when talking with Shirley at Case.

    ETA: I still need to pick up one of the yellow knives

    In all fairness, I have had some vintage Case knives that were showing also, but a trip back to the factory , and they were all taken care of.

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    I own quite a few Buck 303 and 301's. I love slant bolstered stockmen. I only had a problem on 1 of them in the fit and finish department. As far as the "Light" pull on Buck's I actually prefer a lighter pull like Buck has. There are some knife manufacturers that are just too hard on my 53 year old hands and nails. Not dissing them as when I was younger I like the heavy pull knives also. But I would definately recommend a 303 to anyone looking for medium stockman. I just wished they made a 2 Bladed Jack on the 303, but would settle for 300 Bucks version also

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    I'd be in for a wharncliffe on a Buck frame too

    A clip main and wharncliffe secondary would be killer.

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    Well I liked them enough that I ordered the Stockman and the Companion in Yellow Delrin. Should show up next week. A few more Bucks never hurt anyone that I can remember.


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