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Thread: Lil Joe has arrived

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    Lil Joe has arrived

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    Well I got my lil joe in the box today, got the full Fiddleback treatment, this time. LOL Had the paper and everything, I will be carrying it for a week or two and then let yall know how it does and everything, but I will tell you already, this thin lil joker is gonna be a mean slicer. Thanks Andy, the DI is real pretty on this piece.

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    Sounds good i've been thinking about that model myself. It looks like a handy little slicer, congrats but wheres the pics?

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    Good to hear. I didnt make this model for almost a year and just made a few recently and fell right back in love with the design. Ill be making myself one for sure.
    Andy Roy

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    For the love of decency. LOL Pics man, pics!

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