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Thread: repost Rough use knife!

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    repost Rough use knife!

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    This is the first blade Ive posted out of my favorite steel 52100! My personal outdoors knife is made from this steel and has done nothing but amaze me with its cutting performance!

    OAL- 9"
    blade- 4 3/4" long, .215" thick, 1" wide at the guard
    steel- Aldo's high carbon 52100, Forged, with in-house diff heat treatment. the heat treat on this takes me a week and a half to bring out all I can from the steel
    grind- a full convex grind, with distal taper
    finish- etched 800 grit finish, with hamon
    handle- tough as nails hickory
    guard- 1/4" brass, and 1/8" brass pin, with 1/4" brass butt-cap, tang is through butt-cap and peened over
    sheath- 11oz leather, hand stitched, clean, hot-waxed, with cam, for "snap fit", 3 copper rivets for belt loop
    blade fully tested for edge retention and tip strenth before finishing

    One really cool thing about this knife is when it came out of the etch, I noticed a really nice pattern of swirls and wavy lines in the finish. they arent finishing marks, and look damascus-like, even though it is one piece of steel. I wasnt able to get a good picture of it, but you can see some in the pictures I posted, my camera just cant seem to pick up that much detail.

    this is a no-nonsense, hard use blade!!

    $175 shipped to CONUS. I can accept paypal [email protected] or money order.

    1st to post "I'll take it" gets it!!! {Sold Pending funds!!}


    Feedback appreciated, and thanks for looking!
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    Nice knife Joe ! The brass butt cap along with the brass guard is most attractive. Did you dye or stain the Hickory wood ?
    Whatever you did, it came out looking great.
    roland (a fan of Joe Calton knives)

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    That should take some hard use indeed! Looks great. 52100 is hard to beat for hard use.

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