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Thread: Light Reliable Pack Tomahawk/Axe

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    Thank you for your replie. I just wanted to place my opinion about the tool-style of any hawk beside axes and hatchets. In case of needing rehafting a tool outside in the fields, a hawk is my way to go.

    Kind regards

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    Some great suggestions here guys thanks! That wetterlings hunting axe is very nice, and cheaper than the gransfors bruks alternative. A lot of nice tomahawk suggestions too... I have plenty to consider for now!! Thanks!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by scruffuk View Post
    Because like myself, the OP is foreign!

    Its expensive to import from the US, be it new or vintage.
    Sorry guys, I didn't look at his location.
    Double Ott

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    Quote Originally Posted by Double Ott View Post
    There are some good recommendations stated above. But, I just don't understand the fascination with foreign steel.

    Maybe I'm a bit bias as I collect American vintage axes. Kellys are my favorite vintage axes followed by Norlund, Plumb, Mann, Sager and Collins axes.

    Just my .02, Double Ott
    Sometimes it's not about price. I am becoming a Norlund fan missed out on a solid camp axe awhile back.

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