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Thread: Emerson micro Commander, Kris Cutlery Wakizashi, Spyderco ZDP-189 Lum Chinese User

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    Emerson micro Commander, Kris Cutlery Wakizashi, Spyderco ZDP-189 Lum Chinese User

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    1) NIB Emerson Micro Commander. #217 Stone wash finish. $165 shipped in the U.S. Paypal personal preferred or add 3% for regular paypal.

    2) Spyderco ZDP-189 Lum Chinese folder. Carried and used a few times. Still in very good condition. Factory sharp edge, smooth action, lock up is 50% as it came from the factory. $100 **SOLD**SOLD** shipped in the U.S.

    3) Kris Cutlery wakizashi. 5160 steel. This has been in my safe for a few years. It is un-used. The anti-corrosive material used from the factory is still present and has hardened on the blade. The wood saya fits very, very, very tight. You have to wedge a screw driver between the saya and tsuba to get the waki out. This has developed since the waki has been sitting in my safe. $100 shipped in the U.S. (This item will ship at the end of next week. I am going out of town 4/4/12 and will have to purchase a cardboard shipping tube.)

    No trades at this time. Paypal personal or add 3% for regular paypal.

    **smithkzn--- this is a micro commander. The first production run was 2011.**
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    If the micro commander is 2010 production, I'll take it. Only if it has 2010 on the blade please.

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    Does the Lum Chinese have a pocket clip?

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    email sent

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