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Thread: WTT Busse HACK Bear Cub w/ BB Kydex

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    WTT Busse HACK Bear Cub w/ BB Kydex

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    ******TRADE PENDING*****

    Busse HACK Bear Cub with G10 scales and Buy Brown kydex.

    I tried to get all the imperfections in the pics, and can take more if you need.
    There is a scratch on the blade from the kydex, a few spots of light surface rust (pretty sure oil and a q tip would take most off), light surface rust inside the talon/pommel hole.
    High polish mark around the edge (went too steep on a wheel, you can still see the factory grind lines, it was a one time thing)

    It's pretty much unused but as you can see is not in like new condition.

    Trades I'm interested in - (some of which may be high expectations but I don't really need to get rid of the Busse and this is the stuff I want in close to the same price range)

    Spyderco Military in M390, M4, BG 42 or other sprint run steel with a plain edge. (I'd CONSIDER a combo blade with the right steel) (no S30V)
    WAVED Emerson CQC7, CQC15, Commander, or Super Commander with plain edge
    ZT 0551/0550
    Benchmade MPR
    DPX HEST 2.0

    Orange, Blue/Black, or Carbon Fiber scale for Hinderer XM-18 3.5" + Cash (via paypal).
    (or straight trade for a titanium slab)

    email is my username followed by "[email protected]" yes include the x.

    I'll add other trades as I think of them. I don't have any feedback here, but I do have feedback on as username Followthehollow, and Ebay as Followthehollow13 if you'd like to check those.

    This is posted on multiple forums. I will go by time stamp if I get multiple trades of the same item, but reserve the right to accept whichever offer I like the best.

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