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Thread: Woods Bladeworks TiTAN PRE-ORDER

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    Woods Bladeworks TiTAN PRE-ORDER

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    There will be 15 examples of the TiTAN folding knife made. Serial #’s 01-15 will be assigned to members that secure a pre-order on this thread. I will update this post to confirm pre-order slots.

    There is ONE way to secure a serial# and a spot on the list.
    Post on this thread, “I want a serial # and I’m ready with payment.”

    As I assign slots I must give preferential treatment to customers who have had checks delivered. Customers that post first will be assigned serials first. Once I have your check in my hands your pre order is locked and confirmed. I repeat. The only way to absolutely secure a spot on the list is to pre order WITH payment. When your knife has been finished and is ready to ship I will cash your check. Once payment has cleared I will upgrade your status and ship out your knife. My hope is this system will prevent confusion and make sure people know what they are buying for their money.

    I also need an email address from each pre order where I can contact you to confirm shipping addresses and relay private information about the specifications of your individual knives. Please direct all emails to me at [email protected]

    I prefer personal checks. To confirm your pre order I will email you instructions on where and when to send the check. I WILL NOT CASH ANY CHECKS TILL I AM READY FOR DELIVERY. (Unless otherwise instructed) If you cancel your pre order for any reason I will void your check and tear it up. No questions asked. Someone else will be happy to take your place.

    In the event that a check bounces I reserve the right to give your slot up to another waiting member.
    If you have extenuating circumstances that prevent the use of a personal check we can have that conversation privately.

    Each pre order will include:
    WoodsBladeworks TiTAN folding knife
    Waxed sealed custom foam box
    Signed serialed certificate/ Lifetime warranty card
    Insured shipping to the 48 CONUS (AK,HI and international shipping will be calculated on a per case basis)

    The base price for the TiTAN folder is $425. This includes a media blasted matte finish on the CPM-3V blade, Ti slabs and Ti 4 way “tip-up” adjustable pocket clip.
    Heat anodizing is available for all Ti components for $25
    A 600grit brushed satin finish is available for all steel and Ti components for $25

    I will send you an email confirming your selection, your contact information, and your payment options. Please decide what you want and describe how you want your knife finished to me in reply. Remember this is a custom knife feel free to mix and match finishes as you want. I take this very seriously. If you trust me with your money, I will deliver. Money back guarantee. No questions asked. If you are unhappy with the knife for any reason, email me and I will work with you to make you satisfied, even if that means a full refund.

    15 knives is a lot of work when you work a day job. If you have followed the WIP thread you know I will keep you updated on progress with plenty of photos. The big date to work around is the BLADE expo in June. I will do my best to finish by June 30th. There are two things that may speed that process or slow it.

    I do not do water jet cutting or heat treating “in house”. I must rely on other sources for these services. I have already begun the process of cutting the blanks but I cannot predict how backed up my HT services will be. As always you guys will be the first to know about any unforeseen changes to the June 30th finish date. If for some reason you find the wait unsatisfactory you may cancel your pre order at any time. You will NOT be charged and a happy waiting member will take your place.

    If you have any other questions I will post an FAQ in the next post on this thread. Subscribe to this thread for photos and updates on build progress of the TiTAN knives. If you subscribe you will be the first to know if any slots open back up. Once my Hosted Knifemaker forum is opened by the mods I will request that this thread be relocated there to prevent cluttering up the Exchange area.

    #01 - Dan Freeman
    #02 - nickortizzle1035
    #03 - Reserved
    #04 - oregonknifenerd
    #05 - Choke
    #06 - MSGBN
    #07 - Ramiel
    #08 - Windex_
    #09 - redhat6161
    #10 - inlay
    #11 - sloth357
    #12 - PolygonalGuy
    #13 - Carpentermatt
    #14 - vitadura
    #15 - ceptor781

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    I'll take one (#2) please with payment ready and thank you!

    I spend the last 2 hours reloading this page ever few minutes, then every 5-7 seconds during the last 5 minutes .
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    I'm in. I'd like serial number 15 and I'm ready with payment.

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    ill take one!!!!

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    “I want a serial # and I’m ready with payment

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    I'll take one as well! Awesome work! (#7 is fine with me )
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    I want a serial number an im ready with payment.

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    “I want a serial 5 and I’m ready with payment.”

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    I'm in! Send me info and I'll get payment hold sent.

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    I'm in. Number 13 if available. I'm ready with payment.

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    I actually don't mind whatever serial # I get . Will please check your e-mail.

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    I'll take whatever serial number is available and I’m ready with payment

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    I live in a cave.
    I'll take one, I'd like #13 and I have partial payment this week, lol does that lock in a serial.. i know... but I'll take one, and hope for the best as far as serial numbers go.. (hint 13. payment ALMOST ready.)

    btw, love that video.. music and everything.. great work.. you are putting together an excellent package!
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    Change is the only constant...
    GREAT DEAL! Daniel Rohde hunter for sale-~!

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    I want a SN & I am ready with payment. Email.sent
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    Can I have number 2?? That's my lucky number

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickortizzle1035 View Post
    Can I have number 2?? That's my lucky number
    I'd like to keep my spot with #2

    Well nevermind then, it looks as if its been updated! I switched from 2 to 8 for less than a minute then decided against it. I wanted it but I dont care, I just want the knife.
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    Is #10 still available please ?
    if yes, i'm ready with payment.

    Nota: I'm french, is it a problem about shipping, i can paid a plus.

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    #10 is taken. Sorry.

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    Email sent.

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