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Thread: Behind the back Baldric/Bro Rig, super easy and cheap, step by step. DIY

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    Behind the back Baldric/Bro Rig, super easy and cheap, step by step. DIY

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    Hi Everybody,

    So I have been seeing a bunch of very nice and well executed Baldric and behind the back rigs made of leather and what not. Very nice work from several skilled craftsmen.

    With that said, I wanted to come up with something that would work for any kydex sheath that has eyelets on both sides.

    It will also work with AK size down to even a Battle mistress.

    Super simple was what I was after.

    Hope it helps enjoy everybody

    1.First get a Buy Brown sword sheath

    2. Get 16 feet of para-cord, well only if you are as fluffy as me

    3. Bring both ends together and tie a knot, run a lighter over it so it will not fray.

    4. Take non-knotted end and run through eyelet by the mouth of the sheath, I do the edge side .

    5. run through eyelet at the bottom of the sheath on the same side and the first one you ran it through.

    6. now run it through the other eyelet on the bottom of the sheath

    7. run it through the other eyelet on the opposite of the very first eyelet you started with

    8.once you get it adjusted to fit snug when you are wearing the sheath as you want it, lace the remaining para-cord through the eyelets as shown tying it off how you like.

    Now you have 18 feet of para-cord and a cool behind the back rig

    Baldric style, cross draw ?

    Behind the back handle up. Worn like a back pack by splitting the cords 2 on each side.

    Strong side behind the back handle down sling style.

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    Thankyou sir. This was very helpful. Also, you look like quite the badass in those phototototos. I didn't use the multiple strands though, it's 550 cord! One strand has more than enough tensile strength for the intended use. Even a larger man like yourself might possibly need one, and I doubt two.

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    Thanks for this, and I wouldn't want to mess with you with that Rucki in your hand.

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