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Thread: Frame Lock Steel Insert SR1

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    Frame Lock Steel Insert SR1

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    Where can we purchase a steel insert for the SR1?
    I would hope that making it replaceable would also mean replaceable parts.
    But, I can't find it.
    if anyone does know, please post here.
    And if I find them, I will post back

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    I don't think they sell them individually however it shouldn't be hard to make them- only issue would be with regards to tolerances but with a decent cnc (2thou min) it would be a cake walk (hell, I could do it).

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    Thank you
    Just got an SR-1 in Titanium last week, and just ordered an orange Aluminium this morning.
    So would like to have a steel insert as I may never carry the Ti, but still, would like to add the extra steel insert to the Ti version box just to do it.
    I realize it may need to be fitted, but, I can do that, myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robotech View Post
    Thank you
    I realize it may need to be fitted, but, I can do that, myself.
    Yes it is. It must be fitted.

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