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Thread: Bayou Custom Sheaths: Candiru & Izula sheath review

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    Bayou Custom Sheaths: Candiru & Izula sheath review

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    Pt 1
    So, a couple of months back, I picked up an Izula with a custom kydex sheath from forum member GLOCKCRAZZ. I mentioned that I might post a review, but life got in the way. But last week I snagged a Candiru sheath and decided to write a review on both.

    My main issue w carrying a fixed blade as an EDC knife is deciding how to carry it. I usually go with something inside the waistband for comfort and security, but this method presents certain annoyances.

    With a folder, I can draw, open, use, and put the knife away safely with one hand without ever having to take my eyes off the task at hand.

    But with a fixed blade, a much simpler knife, the process becomes a more complicated ordeal: clearing my cover garment to draw and sheath the knife and either looking at or indexing the knife on sheathing it to avoid stabbing myself in the gut.

    When talking to GC about the ESEE Candiru, I told him I was looking for a belt sheath for horizontal carry. With this orientation, I don't really have to clear my shirt to draw or holster, and I can keep my eyes on task by "riding my belt" when indexing the knife to sheath it.

    I've been carrying the Candiru this way for a little over a week, and I'm loving it. The rig is very low profile; it's not too wide, long, or tall. Retention is solid. And the sheath is laid out to accommodate several carry options.

    Here come the pics (and the obligatory "sorry for the picture quality" comment):

    The ESEE Candiru

    Candiru in sheath w leather belt loop

    Thinking about this one...wonder if I could use the leather loop as a field strop....hmm....

    Candiru w MOLLE lock

    As neck knife

    W Tek-Lok

    Horizontal carry on belt

    (pt 2 to follow)
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    The Izula sheath is pretty simple. It is a pancake style sheath nicely squared up. The shape lends itself well to several attachment and carry options; I'll show a few below. Again, retention is solid.

    The belt loop is a simple piece of kydex shaped to fit around a 1.5" belt...

    And it can be set to ride in any orientation (inside/outside belt, with edge facing front/back)

    A VERY nice feature is that the additional rivets line up perfectly with Blade Tech MOLLE Locks...

    So you can easily add a pouch w MOLLE/PALS to the front of the sheath to save some space on your belt.

    And though it's not photo'd, I can carry either an Izula 1 or Izula 2 (current) in this sheath set up.

    With uniform spacing on the rivets on both Izula and Candiru sheaths, you could piggyback the two knives if you were so inclined.

    Changing gears a bit and for lagniappe, here's a kydex sheath for a Cold Steel Trail Hawk that GZ made for me in Blaze Orange.

    And the whole gang together.

    There are a few other carry options available. If you look in the last pic, you can see a horizontal carry set up for the Izzy with some zip ties. A Tek Lok will also fit on the Izzy sheath.

    Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoyed the review or at least found it useful.
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    Great looking sheaths! Now I definitely want a Candiru. What are the scales on the Candiru?

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    Great stuff! I've been wondering how the hell I'm going to deal with my Candiru. Thanks for sharing.


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