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Thread: cheness katana and hi 20" ak

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    cheness katana and hi 20" ak

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    i have a cheness tenchi with 9260TH blade i would like to trade. it has been used a few times to cut a few bottles. still has sword bag and box.

    20" HIM IMPORTS AK, with black horn and brass fittings made by kami sher the tiger

    i am willing to trade for a shorter sword in the 20-25" blade size with being closer to 20 i am looking for. short swords/waki's/euro style/DSCN4344.jpgDSCN4342.jpgDSCN4339.jpgDSCN4338.jpg

    will consider all trades and say no at worse.

    thanks for consideration

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    Eads, TN.
    PM sent.

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    ak is gone

    tenchi still looking for a new home

    open to other trades

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    PM sent

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    tenchi is still available

    still interested in 20-25" length weapons,
    but also
    5-5.5" blades of equal value, will consider multiples or $$$ to even out the trade

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    Don't know how to PM you or email.

    Still got the tenchi? Outright sell price would be?

    PM me if you know how.


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    your pms are turned off, but you should be able to pm me

    no blades to trade with?

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    someone come and take it

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    lets make a deal

    esee 5 or 6 +
    other choppers
    1911 stuff
    5-5.5" fixed blades or folders

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    OK, think I did the PM right.


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