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Thread: Do I really have to spend $500+ to get a blur-free red dot sight?

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    Without a doubt the most crisp red dot I have used is the sight-tron. It is no where close to the quality of my aimpoint in overall robustness(maybe it is on par w/ eotech) but it has the sharpest image for sure. Eotech has the worst image for me, even compared to the $25 BSA, but everyones eyes are different.

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    Red dot sights were never intended for long distance shooting, that what scopes are for, they are intended for combat fast accusition shooting.

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    Aimpoint pro or gtfo

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    Had a holo sight for awhile, attached to a shorty AR, nothing like it for super fast both eyes open target acquisition...but dot is not fine enough for shooting groups....great for coyotes not so good for ground squirrels.

    Currently using Leopold cqb and it is a nice sight but NOT as fast as the holosight, takes AA batteries and my holosight took N cells, what a pain, also seemed to drain batteries while off. Leopold will work as a sight w/ or w/o batteries...leopold also heavier. If I had it to do all over again I might go with aa AA powered holosight/eotech with quick release levers...a buddy has a Burris with a lighted reticle that I think is awesome...again, works as a sight w/o batteries.

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