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Thread: My upcoming Wohlwend custom order: Epic Slicer!

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    My upcoming Wohlwend custom order: Epic Slicer!

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    Just to stir up things in the forum here, I figured I would toss out the specs of the custom Hiker I ordered from Mark. Here's a shot of a standard Wohlwend hiker.

    The genesis of this was [a] falling in love with photos of Mark's Hiker profile, [b] loving the Wohlwend knives I already have, and [c] the Izula/cucumber story. See, I was visiting my folks and had another Izula I'd just bought off a guy shipped to their house so I'd have it during my vacation. At one point I was in a house they were refurbishing, needed to cut some cucumbers for my kids' dinner, and couldn't find any kitchen knives in the disarray. So of course out came my Iz, and while using it I realized "Hey, this beast is actually kind of thick and actually kind of sucks at cutting this. It's really just more breaking the slices apart than anything." Don't get me wrong I love Izulas, but I got to thinking and looking at my collection and realized that everything is actually pretty damn thick. So I needed a slicer. And since I didn't happen to have many mid-sized knives (lots of small ones, lots of bigass ones), it seemed like a perfect chance to fill that middle spot in the Nessmuk trio with something that cuts like a laser.

    Of course it had to be made by Mark. I'm super excited... try to read through these specs and not immediately want one for yourself, I dare ya

    * Base pattern: Wohlwend Hiker. Neutral balance/at the guard (Mark said he will make the handles a little thicker and not drill out the tang) with a slightly enlarged guard.
    * Blade length: 5 inches (Mark's Hiker is usually 4")
    * Width: Standard Hiker profile widened 1/4" all around (I have big hands)
    * Stock and thickness: .108" thick L-6 (Mark wasn't sure if he had any L-6 though, so steel might be different)
    * Grind: FFG slightly convexed on bottom 1/3 (that probably just made your face explode!)
    * RC: Wohlwend secret formula... "pushed to the max"
    * Finish: 220 versus the usual belt-finish
    * Scales: chocolate brown micarta with no lanyard hole or tube and a slightly rough grippy texture to the micarta, not a polished finish (I have a limited edition KA-BAR Phat Bob with rough micarta, and I friggin love how it feels in the hand)
    * Pin pattern: newest pin pattern with aluminum-colored pins not brass
    * Liners: red, on the thickish side (again, since I have big hands)
    * Sheath: pouch style dyed chocolate brown, finished inside too and possibly wet-formed. Similar style to the sheath he made for my Nessie.

    Here's a shot of a bigger Hiker he made recently with thick liners, to give an idea of how it might look. I'm hoping the handles on mine are a little less round, but then again I trust Mark's judgement on what's best.

    Can't friggin wait!

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    That is SWEET! I have yet to receive the bigger hiker. I cannot wait.... I already know that im going to be buying more knives from Mark in the future! I really like your idea. I may have to borrow those specs soon!

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    Keep us posted ! I want to see this thing !

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    Quote Originally Posted by coaldigger View Post
    Keep us posted ! I want to see this thing !
    Ditto! I've owned several of Mark's knives and they are terrific! This sounds like it could be another to add to the list.
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    As anyone who's bought a Wohlwend knows, there's a wait, and the wait is always worth it. I'll let you know once I know anything. I hope I've made it clear to Mark that he's never got to rush on anything for me. Once I've got it in hand, I can promise plenty of photos and information

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    That is going to be a serious slicer,cucs watch out!
    I'd like to add a Hiker to my Wohlwend collection someday,but am happy with my scandies for now as I don't do much food prepin'.(mostly opening packages & nuking.)
    Keep us posted.......
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