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Thread: Esee Candiru Sheath made by 'godspeedtactical'

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    Esee Candiru Sheath made by 'godspeedtactical'

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    Here a small review of the Esee Candiru and the Orange Taco style sheat made by Godspeedtactical.

    I ordered the sheath as sayd by Godspeedtactical, and it was made just how I thought it would be. PERFECT!
    Its a kydex sheath, so very light and it fits my pocket perfect. There are no sharp edges and the overall thickness is perfect.
    I specially wouldn't get a belt loop because it would be to thick to fit in my pockets or my daily backpack. I think this is the perfect way to EDC it.
    The normal sheath wich comes with the Candiru with velcro closing is ok, but I prefer it this way.
    The lockup in the Sheath is perfect, but was the first few days a bit though to get out.

    The Esee Candiru is now my favorite fixed blade. Its small, lightweight, sharp and looks not so aggressive with the Orange handles. It's just a nice combination!

    I ordered the knife itself from Jim Howe. (

    Here are a few pictures of the knife and the sheath

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    Thanks for the imfo and pics i really like that little Esse. My son is needing something like it for his backpacking trips.
    Those orange handles would be the way to go to along with the sheath.

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    Does anyone of you wrapped the handle with paracord? I'm interested how it looks!

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    The handle isn't too small or anything?

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    That knife and the Laser strike are on my list of "gets" here soon. I really like that sheath. Im going to have to look into that when I get mine.

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    That is a nice little setup, I'd like to have a couple for the car / random backpacks..

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    Looks good. From the minute I first saw it I thought the Candiru looked like a winner for the minimalist. A good sheath IMO is a worthy investment and as much as it pains me to say it I've come to prefer Kydex over old school leather.

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    I havent been sure of who to get a sheath from for my green candiru. I love this little knife. I am going to go ahead and order another knife just to have a spare and then try another co. For a sheath also. Reason being I have a larger knife I need a sheath for as well. Really liking the godspeed scout. Good review

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