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Thread: San Mai Bowie, cable/52100 with dammy fittings, stag. SOLD.

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    San Mai Bowie, cable/52100 with dammy fittings, stag. SOLD.

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    Up for sale is my latest bowie, the first I've made in a good while. I just re-lined my welding forge, and the resulting test run yielded some cable damascus and some 38 layer twist damascus. What the heck, I thought, and welded up a san mai bar with outer layers of cable dammy and a core of 52100. Worked pretty good! I flat ground a clip point bowie blade out of the billet and the result is what you see.

    The blade was interesting to polish. I tried a few methods, but settled on a subtle 1500 grit low-contrast finish. It looked the most even, and the pattern and core stand out nicely when played around in the light. The cable billet was triple stacked and re-welded, giving it an almost tamahagane look.

    This knife was so hard to photograph I nearly had a mental breakdown. I couldnít get a single shot that showed the blade pattern welding well overall, so I had to play the light down it in different ways while taking pics to give an idea. This knife has become the motivation for me to build a bigger and improved light box.

    The fittings are made of 38 layer twist damascus, and the handle is sambar stag.

    I made a lace-up right hand loop sheath out of some good 10 oz. cowhide with a twist damascus arrowhead as a lacing bead.

    ETA: Looking the post over, I noticed on the 4th pic down near the end of the handle you can see a blood spot from where I seriously stabbed myself with a tang broach when making this. It has now been cleaned off VERY well.

    Measurements are as follows:
    Blade length 8-3/4"
    Cutting edge 8-1/4"
    Overall length 14"
    Blade height at heel 1-5/8"
    Max spine thickness .170"
    Edge before sharpening .012".
    Balance point is right on the front of the guard.

    Asking price is $560 U.S. SOLD. Price includes shipping to the 50 states. I will ship around the world; I just ask that in this case the buyer pay the added shipping costs.

    Here's a bunch of pics.

    I make knives to the best of my ability and knowledge. I research to find the best materials and methods to use, in order to provide the very best product, in terms of value, durability, performance, and aesthetics. Should you find a knife you have bought from me to be lacking in any of these respects, you may ship it back to me at my expense for a full money-back return.

    Should a knife purchased from me fail in materials or workmanship, please ship it back to me at my own expense for your money back in full, or repairs at no cost. Itís your choice.
    I will sharpen any of my knives at no cost; however I do ask that you pay for shipping costs for this service.

    I am always pleased to hear from any of my customers, past, repeat, potential, or otherwise. Please go to my web site, see "Contact Me" and give me a call. If you have any questions regarding these policies, I'd like to hear them.

    Also, if this knife or any other I have made that you have seen looks close to something you would like, or if you would like to talk about an entirely different knife design altogether, please contact me, I do custom orders as well and always enjoy talking about knife designs, whether or not we actually end up doing business.

    Salem Straub
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    Beautiful knife!

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