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Thread: Anyone need kydex eyelets?

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    Cool Anyone need kydex eyelets?

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    I have quite a few 3/16" #6/6 kydex eyelets that I seriously doubt that I'll be using anytime soon.

    These are the same eyelets I use for all my kydex work.

    These eyelets form easily, and I've never had a split eyelet.


    This price is for 1,000 eyelets. If you would like more, please let me know so I can see how many extras I have. $65 per bag after the first if you need several thousand. (I have a box full of these; probably around 10,000 eyelets I'm guessing.)

    This price includes shipping (with tracking number) and all fees.

    Overseas sales are fine, but the buyer will need to pay actual shipping costs. (This generally adds about $5 or so. PayPal only for overseas shipments please.)

    PayPal or money order preferred.

    PayPal Address:

    [email protected]

    **Please be sure to include the “L” at the beginning of my email address when using PayPal. Two customers recently omitted the “L”, and the funds were accidentally sent to someone else. The money was immediately refunded, but it created a bit of confusion.**

    Thanks for looking!

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    do you have any plans to offer in quantities less than 1000? e.g. 100 or 200 pieces?
    do you have eyelet setting tools?

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