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Thread: Musk Ox Horn Scales and a Hidden Tang Block

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    Musk Ox Horn Scales and a Hidden Tang Block

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    Here are some Musk Ox Horn Scales and a block for Hidden Tang Knives. These have been curing for two years. It is best to let them acclimate to your climate before using, a month or two would be fine. I am happy to answer any questions about the stuff or working with it. It is guaranteed to be legal and naturally colored, happiness is guaranteed, if you find you can't use it when you get it in your hands, return it for your purchase price back, please do that within seven days. I take all the normal forms of payment, Paypal, checks, or credit cards over the phone. The prices shown will be plus shipping, I ship using USPS flat rate shipping where I can, I ship anywhere it is legal and charge only the actual shipping charges. You may PM me, email me or call me on the phone (though sometimes I have loud machines running and can't hear it).

    The dimensions given will be for usable material not the extreme dimensions of these pieces.

    No 1. is 4 X 1 3/4 X 5/16, asking $100.00 Sold to Lars
    No 2. is 4 1/4 X 1 1/2 X 5/16, asking $130.00 Sold to Lars

    No 3. is 4 X 1 1/4 X 3/8, asking $130.00
    No 4. is 3 1/2 X 1/2 X 3/8, asking $130.00

    No 5. is 4 X 2 X 3/8, asking $175.00
    No 6. is 4 1/2 X 2 1/4 X 3/8, asking $195.00

    No. 7. is 4 1/2 X 2 X 1, asking $285.00Sold to Bill

    Thanks for looking,
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