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Thread: Cold Steel Brave Heart: Under-rated EDC slicer throwback

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    Cold Steel Brave Heart: Under-rated EDC slicer throwback

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    Brave Heart:

    -Weight 2.8 oz.

    -Blade Length 4"

    -Blade Thickness 2.8MM.

    -Overall 7.75"

    -Made in Japan Aus-8A Stainless

    This knife has fallen under the radar for me for a long time. Only until recently when the Hold Out series became available did I start seeking out a Skean Dhu type knife. The Brave Heart is similar in dimensions perhaps to a traditional style Scottish blade but is made from Japanese materials in Japan.

    Check out Brave Heart next to some other boot knives and slicers.

    Super thin Knife @ the rubber

    @ the end of the jimping

    1" from the tip 1MM spine side

    Counter Tac II vs Brave Heart:

    Nicer clip on the Brave Heart because it does not require 4 screws and posts. The one thing I dislike on all the sheaths is the "flare" you can see here where the plastic is so far from being fit to the handle.

    Now get the Counter Point I add to the mix.

    Of slicing: The Brave Heart is a fantastic slicer when used correctly from the point. This is due to a very thin ground Japanese stainless blade. I love the finish on the Japanese knives. Here is is pictured next to some other popular slicers. No Kudu pictured but it should not be counted out here.

    Pendleton Lite vs Brave Heart vs K5 Kitchen knife

    From left to right: Outdoorsman Lite, Pendleton Lite, Brave Heart, K5 Kitchen knife.

    From top to bottom: K5 Kitchen Knife, Brave Heart, Pendleton Lite, Outdoorsman Lite

    I may attempt a sheath for this one soon.
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    Always thought the braveheart had one of the best secure-ex sheaths. Super lightweight and an extremely capable slicer. Thanks for the great review.

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    I have the Brave Heart. You are absolutely correct about it being a great slicer. Very light weight for a 4" blade, very grippy handle. Built for serious business and not much else.

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    I've (no joke) toyed with the idea of buying the Brave Heart for several years,however held off due to the lack of feedback on the knife, but from the looks of it, it seems to be a capable knife all in all , for what it is. I might have to break down and try one out due to the curiosity I've had for it for some time.

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