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Thread: Reccomend me some knives that fit thiese descriptions

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    Reccomend me some knives that fit thiese descriptions

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    I'm browsing knife sites and there are a lot of knives to go through...

    So recommend me some knives that kind of fit these points.

    Blade: 3.5 - 4+ inches, larger and wider blades are better. I kind of like the big fat blade on the Kershaw One Ton and the Tension. I also like a pointy tip on a knife.

    Lock: preferably liner or frame, but I don't really care. It should have a very strong detent or good closed blade retention. Should be strong, no overly thin liners.

    Operation by thumbstuds, thumbhole or flipper, no assisted-opening. If it is a flipper, see the underlined part above^. No point buying a flipper if I have to tighten the pivot so much that it prevents it from flipping. I don't like my knives to be able to be opened with inertia alone!

    Heavy knives are good, the heavier, the better, but it's not essential.

    Handle should look decent, I prefer G10 over FRN and I don't mind stainless handles. I don't like ugly knives though.

    Price should be up to about $80, cheaper means I'm much more likely to buy it on impulse, though.

    I'm just looking for some ideas and maybe some knives I haven't heard of to expand my horizons a bit

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    you're describing the ZT line, i think. don't know abou the price through.

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    Spyderco resilience (4 1/4inch blade) or tenacious, I think a little over 3.5 seem solid. I just grabbed an ambitious, the 3 inch version of the family and am very impressed with the quality for value... Jimping, g 10, sharp out of box, well made (blade is 8cr, if I am to nitpick), but the foliage green tenacious is certainly the next knife on my list, though I love my endura and BM710 as well (but the 710 is well over 80), you have some good choices..

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    RAT model 1--Solid and you could buy 2 of them for your budget!!! I held a Junglee Tri Force the other day-that is really solid-next on my list!

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    Kershaw Junkyard Dog 2. Everything you described plus Kershaw's excellent service and warranty.

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