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Thread: Got an Infraction today for trying to warn of a ZT0560 counterfeit

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    Eh, live and learn. OP, if your intentions were good don't worry about it. You are not banned, this was just a slap on the wrist. If I were you I wouldn't give it another thought, except to not do it again.

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    For what it's worth, I did send the link onto Rick H and Rob O. I got tired of reporting these things to ebay, they never do anything about them from what I can tell. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'd rather let the manufacturer know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pry View Post
    I agree, the over policing takes a lot away from it. I'm a member on many boards for many different interests and this is the only one ive seen where you have to pay to sell and get PM's. Then you only get 100 PMs for a paid gold membership, like PM's cost them money. Funny how all the other boards can pay the bills just fine with advertising, i wonder where all that extra money goes.
    I don't mind supporting these forums. The Bladeforums is a rich source of information and camaraderie. I hope we decide to do start doing an event at Blade, so we can all get a chance to meet and recognize our many volunteer moderators.

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