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Thread: Greatest Knife For the Price

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    Quote Originally Posted by kurec View Post
    Buck 110 with CPM 154 when it was $35 on Buck Web Special
    I can agree with the above. Bos treated CPM154 is a thing to be reckoned with.

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    Smith & Wesson bullseye Extreme Ops 4.2 inch.jpgI'm a big fan of auto knives but the biggest bang for the buck I have found were in some of the Smith and Wessons Extreme Ops folders that can be found between $10-$20 with good 440C stainless steel titanium coated blades, aluminum scales or stainless steel handles with G-10 inlays and with a sheath. I have carried a Bullseye model that I think I only paid about $15. I drag it around the property for general cutting and whacking. It is a big heavy folder that holds a good edge on a 4+" length blade. It opens fairly easily and locks up good. Better knives around, you bet. But for $10-15? Here is a You-Tube I found of some of the S&W blades.

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    The Kershaw Storm 2 is also an excellent value with all the characteristics of the Vantage Select I mentioned above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen1337 View Post
    Spyderco Native, pretty simple design with FRN handle and lockback but it is a AMAZING knife and it uses S30v for the steel and its made in the USA (unlike other cheaper spyderco's).

    +1 vote for the FRN Native.

    Just picked one up used (paint rubbed off edges of clip) in the BF Exchange for $40 with the factory edge still on it. Hard to beat that.

    If you've never held one, you should. Fits the hand really well - very comfortable and natural. Ergo the name.

    ~ Edge

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    Another vote for the native! The only downs are the pocket clip that rides high and the pin together construction that keep you from taking it apart to clean it.

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    Did you say Folder?
    If not, I say Becker BK-16!

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    RAT-1 is a sick knife for the money and is my favorite inexpensive folder.

    Native 1 is also very good but pin construction worries me a little, the trade off is that it is made with s30V steel which is better then the AUS-8 steel that the RAT-1 is made from. However both of these knives have plastic handles which are not very grippy. Some might prefer something like a spyderco tenacious because it is a good beater knife with a nice grippy handle. Many good options out there really.

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    If you only have $20 to blow, the Kabar Dozier is a serviceable EDC knife. Hollow ground AUS-8A, 2-way clip, lockback with Zytel. I keep one in my Man Sack in case my regular EDC knife disappears, and its cheap enough to give away. Its more of an "I only have $20 to spend" knife, but probably falls short in the "greatest knife for the price" genre. Still its one to consider.

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    For me, the greatest pocket knife for the price has to be my most carried and used EDC... the Victorinox Tinker. Actually, any SAK would fit into the category--excellent quality, extremely affordable, super-handy and easy to replace.

    Other great bang-for-buck folders I have (and continue to use and carry) include the: Ontario RAT-1, Svord Peasant, Case Sod Buster, a few Rough Rider slippies... and virtually every Spyderco I've ever bought!

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    Mora and Opinel. Pocket change for a serviceable knife with good steels that will last a lifetime if cared for. Peasant knives, affordable to everyone.
    SAKs, the right SAK is a lifesaver, and they're cheap. Every human being should have a Classic or Ramber on them at all times. Actually, make the SAK my first choice, especially with Ebay. I got my Compact for $3 shipped, and my Ramber for $2.

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    Kershaw Skyline

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    Greatest knife for the price? That's an easy one. The Victorinox Swiss army knife!

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    Gonna go with my favorite <$30 dollar beater, the humble Douk Douk, this thing laughs at work, has a ridiculously easy to sharpen blade, cuts like a lazer and could probably be carried comfortably in a pair of boxers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by powernoodle View Post
    There are many contenders, and what constitutes "best" is highly subjective, but my vote might be the Ontario Rat-1. AUS-8, FFG, open pillar construction, built tough, sized (in my view) to fit most hands, 4-way clip, flicks open like butter and shipped to your mailbox for $30 or less.

    +1 for the OKC Rat 1. I have Sanrenmu to Busse in my collection and this one is still a favorite. I have two, one plain and one serrated. They both fly open and get hair popping sharp. This is the best AUS 8 steel heat treat I have ever experienced. Unfortunately, I have had some dissapointing AUS 8 from other manufacturers. No worries here though.


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    As APF stated those "web special" 154CM 110s were a steal given that people were giving like 75 plus dollars for them when Bass Pro sold them with their logo on them. Opinel also makes a grand folder that happens to be in the sub 10 dollar price range. I EDC an Opinel 06 for lighter task just about every day.

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    Enlan EL-01


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    I would have to add Matt Diskin's little Volcan flipper to this list. I am not a big folder or flipper guy and it does have an AUS-8 blade, but for $25 MOL, it is one nice little knife. I bought one at Blade this year for my brother.

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    What a great time to be a knife fan, huh? I can't even make up my mind!

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    Sanrenmu 710 or 605.
    As good as any USA knives made in China but a lot more cheap ;-)

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    CRKT Aluminum Ripple. $30, IKBS, nice machining. Light, fast, and a good size to EDC. Not to mention really, really unique looking. That is the knife in my collection that everyone asks to see and play with. So good I got two now.

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