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Thread: Swiss Card vs. Victorinox Classic

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    Quote Originally Posted by znapschatz View Post
    What I carry is a Rambler, which adds a dandy small magnetized ph head screwdriver and much better bottle opener for only a trivial increase in thickness.
    Ditto and amen!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TKM View Post
    I carry one of these when I'm going somewhere any other knife would be confiscated.
    I don't have a swiss card, so cannot comment on the comparison. But your comment quoted above reminds me of the day a few weeks ago when my son and I had to go to traffic court. We both emptied our pockets of our daily carry knives before we got out of the car. He had a Case peanut, I had a Craftsman small stockman. When we got to the front door and prepared to go through the x-ray machine I put my car keys in a bowl to go on the conveyor belt. It was only then that I remembered about the Victorinox Signature Lite on my key ring.

    The security guard held it up to show his supervisor, who said it was fine and waved it through.

    Now, after reading all the posts I have a hankering for a Rambler!

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    I just ordered two classics for my co-workers who travel all over to install equipment as I do. We check our tools on plane flights, so the little classic comes with me. It is really handy for opening packaging, cutting zip ties, and getting into tight spaces. I get used ones that have negligible cost, so if they end up confiscated, no biggie. I have to thank Jackknife for turning me on to the Classic. It's a great knife!

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    I've got a few Swiss Cards and never carry them. I like to keep my wallet as slim as possible. Also, the scissors are difficult to use with my big hands.

    I use my Classics, LM Micra or Style CS much more often.

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