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Thread: Spydercos ENGRAVED Jester added

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    Spydercos ENGRAVED Jester added

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    1. Spyderco Fluted Military. NIB. Box Date Code EL. I only removed from bag to check lock up, action, and centering. All perfect. Literally opened twice. This model has the steel insert.
    I waited a long time for this one, but now need to move on from my knife obsession. Price what I paid. $390.00 $OLD

    2. Lionsteel SR1. Orange Aluminum scales, D2 satin blade. I have had this for 3 weeks. Never carried out of the house., but have used it to open a couple of boxes. This is a fine knife. I think it has better quality fit and finish than my LionSpy, at 1/2 the cost. No scratches or blemishes. Lock up VERY good, action smooth and blade centered. I have stroked it on a Diamond Rod a couple of times, razor sharp. Comes with box. $145.00 $old

    3. Spyderco Harpy. SS. ATS-55 blade, full Serrated (SE). Has been carried, but no major blems. Great shape for an older model. No box. $50.00

    4. Spyderco Merlin. ATS-55 plain Edge (PE) blade. Has been carried, clip shows wear (very little). Black FRN. a slight scratch on the blade, is the only blem I can find, and it won't show in a picture. No box. $50.00
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    I'll take Lionsteel SR1

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    Quote Originally Posted by jres11 View Post
    I'll take Lionsteel SR1
    PayPal info sent
    Payment received, item bagged and tagged.
    Lionsteel SR1 $OLD
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    E-mail sent

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    I'll take a Mili

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    Quote Originally Posted by cobold76 View Post
    I'll take a Mili
    Fluted Military SOLD to cbold76
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    Adding a Spyderco Jester in SS that has been engraved by Spyderco. Probably back in the 90's. It has the web and bug. Can't tell if it's been carried, don't think so. In Excellent shape. Comes in the box. $85.00

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    Pictures of Harpy and Merlin

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    Remaining Items withdrawn thread closed

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